Customer Reviews

☆I’ve had Amy’s do work for me for years as well as made some other purchases.  I bought a ring on a cruise and was told by two jewelers it could not be enlarged. Joseph did his magic and now I’ve worn it for more than a year with no problems!  Today he expanded a tennis bracelet I have not worn for years because, again, I couldn’t find a jeweler who wasn’t confident it would look good. I think it’s beautiful!  Please support this local business!


☆Excellent service and prices! I have known Amy since 1978 and has been my jeweler for all these years.  I trust her expertise on design and quality of diamonds.  She has designed several pieces of jewelry specifically for me.  Last year, I lost one of my diamond hoop earrings in New York which I had purchased from Amy 2 years prior.  I went straight to Amy to find another set and decide what to do with the one diamond hoop.  Amy and Joseph designed a new set of In and Out diamond hoops using the existing diamonds along with additional new diamonds since I wanted the hoops a certain size.  Also, Amy knows how careless I am with my jewelry.  She made sure the hoops had a safety latch to secure the earrings. They are beautiful and elegant.  Love the earrings and love Amy....... Thank you Amy and Joseph......


☆Amy's is Ah-MAZ-ing! I ordered a custom piece. Not only was the price incredibly affordable, the piece was also completed 2.5 weeks earlier than anticipated! Service with a smile and folks who listen to you. I'm recommending Amy's to all my friends now!

*Dee Dee

☆This is an family owned and ran business. They are very knowable in the business. I have been doing business with them for many years and always have been very satisfied. You get personalized attention from the staff and will most likely deal with the owners them selves.